Processing your film: the easiest & fastest way!

More information on how to order film processing, scroll down ↓

How to order Film Processing

Choose your requirements and customise your film processing, by selecting from the available options in the main Film Processing category

Select quantity of films you have for the selected options, and add to basket.
(If options differ between films, please mark them or leave notes in checkout so we know which films require which options)

Checkout in the usual way. Send your film to us together with your Order Number, which is generated on checkout and can also be found in your confirmation email.

Relax, and wait for your film and images to be returned to you. We'll let you know when we receive your film and when we dispatch.

Freepost Mail Label ↓

Click on the label image, right, to open PDF

Print at "default" or "actual size" (not "fit to page"). Will be 1/4 size of A4.

Attach to suitable mail bag - make sure it is strong enough. Avoid regular envelopes as films break out of them. Use additional tape if necessary.

When we return your film, we will send you a Free, new bag with label for your next order.