Prints at AG PHOTO LAB 

Professional Quality Prints: Genuine C-Type or Giclee fine art

C-Type prints from digital or film original

C-Type are true photographic prints, and offer the most outstanding professional silver based archival print.
Made by exposing light to genuine photographic paper, which is then processed in traditional chemistry to reveal the image, C-Type prints are “continuous tone” – ie. colour is step-less and this means 18 million colours per square inch. As the image is formed in the paper emulsion, the images have a depth to them missing from inkjet and dye-sublimation type print systems. C-Types also have very robust handling properties, resisting scratching and marks and do not suffer metmerism (reflection of light off ink, always a concern with any ink based print).

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Type DPII MATTE
A classic photographic matte surface with some sheen,a smooth surface and no surface texture. A very safe choice. DPII is Fujifilm’s finest general purpose paper type and the established market leader. Superb d-max and a super bright white base.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Type DPII GLOSS
Gloss is ideal for prints requiring the additional punch of the enhanced contrast and d-max a gloss paper gives. This is a classic gloss surface and especially recommended for colourful images. DPII is Fujifilm’s finest general purpose paper type and the established market leader. Superb d-max and a super bright white base.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Type DPII SILK
Silk was a very popular surface in the 1970’s and features a micro dimpled surface texture. This is a superb paper where a high level of handling is likely to take place as it is extremely robust and resists finger prints incrediby well. Very popular with some of our trade customers, and in particular those binding the prints into photo books. Note: Due to some variations in availabiltiy, we may substitute with Kodak’s equivilent paper, Endura Premier Silk.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Type H VELVET NEW
A new addition to the Fuji range of professional silver halide papers, Velvet offers something previously unavailable: a deep matte surface similar to fine art matte giclee papers, but in a silver halide C-type paper. Despite it’s deep matte, it offers an extremely tough, finger print and scratch resistant surface. We have been amazed how robust this paper is, meaning much lower risk of damage during handling.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Type H CANVAS NEW
Another new addition to the range of silver halide, the paper features a canvas effect surface texture meaning it is now possible to have C-Type ‘canvas’ media. Ideal where you want all the atributes of the finest silver print in a canvas.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional FUJIFLEX Ultra Gloss
An incredible silver halide print media with an untearble, incredibly robust, polyester base and a glass-like ultra gloss surface with zero texture. This material resembles very closely the look of Cibachrome / Ilfochrome. Images have an amazing depth to them and is matched by no other photographic media.

Kodak Professional Endura METALLIC
A very special paper with a unique iridiscence, often copied but nothing comes close to the real thing. Manufacturers have tried to emulate this paper with inkjet media and can’t get anywhere close to the original.

Kodak Professional TRANSPARENCY Duratrans & Duraclear
For the ultimate in photographic presentation, Duratrans / Duraclear is a silver halide print media designed for back lighting where the very highest quality is demanded. Imagine turning your image into a massive film slide!

Other C-Type media:
Fujicolor Crystal Archive WRITABLE Semi-Matte (available by request)
Fujicolor Crystal Archive PEARL (available by request)
Kodak Professional Endura Premier MATTE (available by request)
Kodak Professional Endura Premier GLOSS (available by request)

More information:
Kodak Endura webpage
Fuji Crystal Archive webpage

Sizes available for C-Type:
Any size print, up to 50″ x 120″ (127cm x 304cm)

All prints for our film process & print packages are C-Type prints.

Fine Art (Giclee) Prints

“Giclee” is the name given to top quality inkjet. We print onto a specially chosen range of fine art papers from Hahnemühle, Harman and Fotospeed. We only use genuine Canon inks in the range topping iPF8400 12 ink printers. Paper choice for Giclee prints includes:

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308
Best selling paper in the Hahnemühle digital range, Photo Rag® has a 100% cotton rag base and features a very smooth flat matt surface.

Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl 285
Ideal where a low gloss pearl surface is required. As is typical with increased sheen, the print is capable of higher contrast than would be possible with the deep matt of Photo Rag. 100% alpha-cellulose base.

Hahnemühle German Etching® 310
A heavy, 100% alpha-celluose base paper, with a smooth matt and delicate surface texture – this paper is equally suited to reproduction of paintings and drawings as it is fine art photographic images.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta 315
The delicate gloss surface has a similar level of sheen to traditional B&W silver gelatin fibre based photographic paper. The surface also features a very fine texture. Images have an excellent depth to them. 100% cotton base.

Harman Gloss Baryta Warmtone 320
This paper is coated by Harman, the people behind the incredible range of traditional black and white film and papers. Designed to resemble a traditional fibre based silver gelatin paper, the surface is super smooth gloss with a lower sheen than a typical resin coated gloss photo paper. 100% alpha-cellulose base.

Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285
Featuring a textured surface, this paper is ideal for reproduction of paintings, drawings and other artwork, but also for fine art photography where a delicate velvet surface is desired and the paper has been endorsed by photographer Charlie Waite in this respect.

Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured Bright White 310
A 100% cotton base and a fine surface texture make this paper idea for landscapes or portraits. Also at home with the reporduction of artwork.