3350 JOBO Cascade Film Washer

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The JOBO Cascade washer hose is designed for use with Jobo film processing tanks and allows for the speedy washing of films, reducing wash time to 5 minutes. Connects to most taps and the clever design allows for flow rate to be optimised.

We must stress that water temperature has a very significant impact on wash times, and the quoted time would assume for a water temperature of around 20°C. It is not advisable to wash film (or paper) at a temperature lower than 16°C or more than 24°C. Or at a temperature very different to the processing temperature – for example, processing at 24°C and then washing at 16°C (or vice versa) could cause reticulation which is the distortion of the emulsion layer of the film. Reticulation can impact the image quality significantly. So try to keep wash and process temperature within a couple of degrees.

About JOBO

Jobo are one of the oldest and most respected names in darkroom tools and equipment. Still a family business, their products are made in Gummersbach, Germany, to very high standards and whilst often more costly than equivalent products from other manufacturers, the excellent design and quality are the reason for this – they are in a class above and will give many years of service.

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