Adox Adotol Konstant 5L

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To make 1L of working solution.

Adotol Konstant Universal Paper Developer delivers a neutral image tone, has a high working capacity and continues to work with consistent results until it fails through exhaustion. It has excellent resistance to oxidisation and even when left uncovered in a dish, it remains fresh for a long time. The powder is dissolved in water to make 1L of solution capable of developing 4 sq.m of paper. Once diluted it will still remain fresh for 6-12 months when in a fully filled, airtight, bottle.

Features ADOX CAPTURA Dust Binding technology to reduce dust while mixing. Aluminium-Compound bag for increased shelve life.

Powder developer will outlast any liquid concentrate developer in terms of shelf-stability and working capacity.

Adotol Konstant safety data sheet

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