Adox Neutol ECO 1L

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The most ecologically friendly, and safest paper developer available, Adox Neutol ECO is hydroquinone free and uses ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as the main developing agent instead. The consequence of this is there are no restrictions on disposal, storage or transportation of this product. Please see safety data sheet for full information.

A very popular product within educational settings such as schools, colleges and universities.

Neutol ECO is also a great performer, with no disadvantages in this respect over hydroquinone based alternatives, featuring:

  • Highly active and fast development times. Image appears and builds density quickly
  • Strong D-Max (maximum black)
  • Low base haze
  • Regular dilution: 1:9
  • For increased economy: 1:14, but extended development times and faster exhaustion.

Adox Neutol ECO datasheet

Adox Neutol ECO safety data sheet

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