Adox Scala Reverse Processing Kit

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The Adox Scala Reversal Kit dramatically simplifies the reverse processing of black and white films. The process is only a 2 part one, with an optional clear bath. The process is as simple as mixing the Developer and Bleach 1:1 with water and you can start processing. Adox have formulated this product following a lot of research and the result is it avoids the use of dichromate or other corrosive elements and the bleach is extremely stable with a shelf life up to 8 weeks even after dilution. Opened, un-diluted, the bleach can last up to 16 weeks.

The kit is capable of processing 8 rolls before exhaustion of the chemistry

– Detailed instructions supplied
– Easy to use with only 2 components and simple 1:1 dilution
– Good storage properties
– Excellent DMAX (maximum black) and very low DMIN (minimum base fog)
– Low to none emulsion lift-off despite the dichromate-free eco-friendly bleach bath.
– The kit has been designed to work perfectly with Adox SCALA films, but can be used with other B&W films with varying results.

Whilst the Adox Scala Reversal Kit can be used to reverse process any B&W film, it works best with films designed for this development, such as Adox Scala or Fomapan R. This is because regular B&W films have a level of base fog – that slight grey density to the film base where there has been no exposure. This impacts on the highlights, reducing contrast. But it is still possible to produce useable slides.

Other films that are capable of reverse processing possibly better than other regular films, due to their clearer base:

  • Adox CMS 20 (first development is 12 minutes at 24°C)
  • Rollei Retro 400S
  • Rollei Retro 80S

Adox Scala safety data sheet

Adox Scala Instructions / technical data sheet

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