Adox XT-3 5L

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XT-3 is an ascorbic acid based developer (ie. vitamin C) and contains no hydroquinone or boric acid. It is a very similar formula to XTOL (although not identical as the exact formula for Xtol has never been released). However, developing times are very similar to Xtol and can be taken as a starting point, but, as always, we would recommend running your own tests.

We classify this as a speed increasing developer as it will yield full box speed easily, however it is also a fine grain developer.

Advantages over similar working recipes like Xtol, Excel or LegacyPro Eco:

– Free of borates
– Biodegradable Komplexer
– Increased solubility
– Better keeping properties

Will process 8-10 films per 1L. If keeping the mixed solution, darkening will indicate it is probably past its shelf life.

Adox XT-3 developer safety data sheet

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