AP 35mm/120 Film Tank & 2 Reels

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The most cost effective way to get going with film processing, the second smallest tank in the AP range will process 2 rolls of 35mm film at once (but you can just process 1 roll if you want to) or 1 x 120 film. Supplied complete with 2 film reels, which are also compatible with Paterson tanks, and can be expanded to take 120 format film.

  • Supplied complete with 2 reels
  • Excellent design, with well sealed lid
  • Superior reel design, easy to load, easier to use
  • Reels compatible with Paterson tanks, and vice versa

Made by AP Photo Industries, these tanks exhibit some great features. Importantly, they feature an o-ring sealed lid for minimal leakage. Furthermore, the AP reel is easier to load than some other reels, yet remains completely compatible with Paterson tanks, therefore ideal for anyone who already has a Paterson tank.

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