Black & White Film Processing

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Processing for black and white film. Films are normally marked “black and white”. Click here for help identifying film.

    If unsure what PUSH/PULL means leave as "Normal Development".

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For turnaround times, please click on Additional Information above.

Traditional Black & White processing for black and white film. Films are normally marked simply “black and white”. Click here for help identifying film.

  • Correct and accurate development times are given to each film, fine tuned for our combination of developer type and methods. This is critically important with black and white processing.
  • Very high levels of processing consistency. Customers are able to expose their black and white films repeatedly, and with confidence, for optimum results – safe in the knowledge our processing is exactly the same order to order.
  • Best possible grain structure, shadow detail and contrast are obtained from our chosen developer (Ilford ILFOTEC DD) which offers a superb all round balance of fine grain, emulsion speed and sharpness.
  • We use a dip and dunk type processor for black and white, built new for us and installed in 2021. Dip and dunk enables the finest possible quality in processing.

Watch our video: How we dip and dunk process your black and white film:

IMPORTANT: accuracy of your film exposure; film quality (best before date, storage, age), lens and camera quality / operation can have a very significant impact on the resulting scan or print quality. We encourage customers to experiment with films at their stated speed (ISO) and to avoid pushing film unless required for lighting conditions. It is best to reduce as many variables as possible with black and white, and sticking to the same film speed and film type for a period of time is very helpful to novice photographers and those looking to develop their skills as it means a benchmark is established against which you can make judgments.

Click here for our blog on Push /Pull processing and re-rating of film.

Additional information

Typical turnaround times

Develop only: dispatch normally within 24-48 hours of receipt
Develop & Scan and/or Print: dispatch normally within 48-72 hours of receipt

Note: these times are a guide, and dependant on workload, size/complexity of order etc.
If you require more accurate timing, or have a deadline, please contact us so we can work with you to meet your target.

Processing specification

Film Developer: Ilford ILFOTEC DD
Development temperature: 24°C +/- 0.2°
Development time: variable, dependent on film type.
Processor Type: Hostert dip and dunk, dry to dry.
Drying: clean air blower integrated into processor (no transfer of films to separate dryer)(no squeegee rack or blades).


Scanners: Noritsu HS-1800
Dust clean up:
Digital ICE dust clean up NOT possible with Black & White film due to the emulsion structure (unlike colour film where this is routinely used as a safety net to eliminate any stray specks of dust).
To minimise dust risk, scanning is performed ASAP after film has exited processor. Scanning environment maintained. Due to the exclusion of digital ICE with B&W, there may be a small number of UNAVOIDABLE dust specks on B&W scans and the only way to totally eliminate this would be to manually re-touch the images, which would considerably increase the scanning cost (scans are charged the same for B&W and colour). Please be aware of this when ordering scans from B&W film.

Push / Pull development

Normal development, Push 1 stop, Push 2 stops, Pull 1 stop
Please always note changes in development on the film cassette/roll
If you have requirement outside of this, please note on the film and in the order notes in checkout

6 reviews for Black & White Film Processing

  1. Jack

    This is the first time I’ve used your developing (I’m an Ag film and chemicals buyer) and have to say I’m delighted with the service. Thanks very much indeed. I shall be sending you more rolls before too long!

  2. Simon

    Great B&W service. Fantastic to be able to get such finely tuned monochrome development at such a competitive price.

  3. Julia

    I’ve been using your B&W service now since 2015 and it’s so useful to be able to rely on such consistency – I find this really important with, especially, B&W. I like to iron out as many variables as possible and processing is a big one. I’m unable to achieve such consistency when processing myself, despite trying!

  4. Steve

    Wow, thank you very much for such a fast service. I have left a 5* review on trustpilot and will always recommend you on the Leica forums that I am a member of.
    I used to use Ilford, but not any more 🙂

  5. Ben

    Just wanted to say, having received my latest batch of scans from you, that I’m really impressed with your service. Turnaround times are way quicker than other labs I’ve used and the scans themselves, particularly the B&W, are excellent. Nothing wrong with the colour ones at all it’s just other labs have not come close to the quality of your B&W scans (never the easiest thing with grainy films like my HP5+ on 35mm).

    We typically only contact service providers when we’re unhappy these days, so I wanted you to know that I’m really pleased and appreciate the service you give.
    Thanks again.

  6. JD

    As an experienced black and white photographer, I can wholeheartedly recommend this superb service – Ag deliver absolute consistency, which is so important in B&W as you really want variables to a minimum.

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