C22 Film Processing

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Basic cost is for processing to a negative ONLY.

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Basic price is for process to a black and white negative ONLY.

If you add scans or prints, and the film turns out to be blank we will refund the options cost. Therefore, your ‘risk’ is the basic price for processing the film.

This film is found is various formats, including 35mm, 126, 120.

C22 was the standard process for colour negative (print) film until 1972 (when it was superceded by the now current C41 process).

Click here if you need help identifying film.

All the chemicals required to run process C22 are now unavailable commercially, but at Ag we can process film designated for process C22 as black and white. This is the only viable option when attempting to bring it to life for customers. There is no possibility of processing as colour. Even when the film was current, the latent image life (exposed, but unprocessed image) was known to be unreliable and now, with these films being well over 40 years old, it is easy to understand the challenge. We have found the results to be very variable and negative quality normally quite poor. But this may be better than nothing for some customers. However, we can give no guarantees at all and your film may yield no usable results. If this is the case, your total cost will be only the basic processing cost and any options selected (scans or prints) will be refunded. Delivery will also be refunded, unless you would like the film returning to you.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg

Film Developer: FUJIFILM EnviroNeg
Development temperature: 38°C +/- 0.2°
Processor Type: Noritsu short leader
Drying: clean air blower integrated into processor (no transfer of films to separate dryer)(no squeegee rack or blades).

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