CineStill Xpro 800T 35mm 36

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This is the only high speed tungsten balanced film available for stills photography (Portra 800 is daylight balanced). ISO800. Tungsten balanced means the film emulsion is designed to render true colours under the warmer light of tungsten lamps, or equivalent LED lamps. Typically this is 2400˚K. If you use tungsten balanced film in daylight conditions, outdoors, your images will render with a noticeable blue hue. Essentially this is an issue that digital cameras deal with by adjusting the “white balance”. The film can be corrected for daylight use with a wratten 85B filter, but at the expense of ⅓ stop – so exposure at ISO640 would be a good option in these circumstances.

Due to the tungsten balance, this film is very useful for available light photography for scenes such as street photography at night, or social events in bars or clubs – look for the available pools of light and use them, a shop window casting it’s light into the street; a street lamp; etc etc. You will achieve some very effective results.

This film is derived from Eastman Kodak Vision 3 500T, which we have also shot in Super8 for night street shooting and social settings, with very impressive results considering the small negative.

In motion picture form, this film would require ECN2 processing, however, Cinestill re-engineer the film so as to remove the remjet backing and so it can be processed in the standard C41 colour negative stills process.

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