E6 Film Processing

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Process E6 is the standard process for colour reversal film, also known as “Slide” or “Positive” film. Films for process E6 are marked “E6”. Click here for help identifying film.

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For turnaround times, please click on Additional Information above.

Process E6 is the standard process for colour reversal film, also known as “Slide” or “Positive” film. Films for process E6 will be marked “E6”. Click here for help identifying film.

All Colour Reversal film manufactured today requires E6 process. At Ag, we run a professionally monitored E6 service with control strips run and analysed by densitometer daily. We also have sufficient volumes of film to ensure excellent processing consistency, vital with E6 as the process thrives on a critical mass.

When scanning or printing your film, our experienced technicians professionally balance, by eye, all images individually for colour, density and contrast to ensure consistent results frame to frame, roll to roll. Our policy is to balance images so as to obtain the best from your film and deliver usable files with a balance of shadow and highlight detail – please note, this is our own judgement. If you would prefer flat, low contrast, scan files ready for your own balancing and editing, or no adjustments at all – please select these from the drop down box.

Please note: Accuracy of your film exposure is absolutely critical with colour reversal film – poor exposure will be punished with very disappointing results. This, together with film quality (best before date, storage, age), lens, camera quality and operation will have a very significant impact on the resulting scan, print or projection quality. In our opinion when shooting colour reversal film in particular, you should utilise a camera with a reliable built in meter AND intelligently interpret the exposure suggestion carefully bearing in mind the nature of the scene and make adjustments as required. If you are using a camera with no meter, we strongly recommend using a decent hand held meter such as a Sekonic L308B or similar. Use of the “sunny 16” rule, phone apps, digital cameras etc to ascertain correct exposure can lead, in our experience with many customers, to disappointing results.

Push – Pull processing. In contrast with colour negative film, pushing and pulling E6 process has a very significant impact. If you have exposed your film at a different speed to box speed, please select Push or Pull from the drop down box and also mark the film accordingly. If you don’t, your images will likely be too dark or too light. It is harder to correct transparency over exposure than underexposure, but generally any exposure error is tougher to correct digitally than it is with colour negative film.

If you have Kodachrome film, please see our Specialist section, as this is not Process E6. Film for process CT18, E3 and E4, unfortunately, cannot be processed.

Additional information

Typical turnaround times

NOTE: turnaround is longer for E6 than C41 or B&W processing due to the lower volume of E6 processing and the specialist nature of E6.
Chemistry always requires balancing before processing, therefore, a critical mass is required for each session.

Develop only: dispatch normally within 5-7 days of receipt
Develop & Mount: dispatch normally within 5-7 days of receipt
Develop & scan and/or print: dispatch normally within 5-7 days of receipt
Develop & scan and/or print AND mount: dispatch normally in 10-14 days of receipt

Note: these times are a guide, and dependant on workload, size/complexity of order etc.
If you require more accurate timing, or have a deadline, please contact us so we can work with you to meet your target.

Processing specification

Chemistry: Fuji Hunt Pro-6 professional E6 chemistry.
Development temperature: 38°C +/- 0.2°
Processor Type: FC Copal short leader
Drying: clean air blower integrated into processor (no transfer of films to separate dryer)(no squeegee rack or blades).
35mm mounting: 1.8mm GEPE plastic mounts, dot matrix printed with date and slide number.


Scanners: Noritsu HS-1800
Dust clean up: Yes. Digital ICE eliminates any dust, leaving a clean scan file.To minimise dust beforehand, thereby minimising the work of ICE, films are scanned ASAP after exiting processor. Scanning environment maintained.

Push / Pull development

Normal development, Push 1 Stop, Push 2 Stops, Pull 1 Stop
Please always note change in development on the film cassette / roll
We do not advise changing development with E6 beyond the above parameters.

4 reviews for E6 Film Processing

  1. Jim

    One of the few proper commercial E6 processing facilities left in the UK, always deliver excellent quality transparencies. I can see why you have such a strong following for this service.

  2. Bruce Percy

    Ag are my go to photographic processing lab for my work. When travelling all over the world and investing in the capture of the most extraordinary landscapes, I need to know I can rely on the best people. Ag are those people.

  3. RP

    Just to let you know my order arrived safely and I am very pleased with your service. I am particularly impressed with your turnaround times which are much better than most mail order photo labs around. Well done to all of you! Hopefully there will be a few more films to process in the coming weeks and months.

  4. Stuart Hall

    I am a professional landscape photographer, work only in film and have exclusively used Ag for some years now. I believe this says it all! Some of the work which I have sent them is totally irreplaceable having been shot in remote locations of Australia and New Zealand …..but …..EVERY film is special. Every film represents many, many hours of work and I totally trust them with this. I’ll add one small note (if I may): Ag’s new website is incompatible with older browsers.

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