Foma Reverse Processing Kit

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The Foma Reverse Processing Kit will develop as positive slides 8 Fomapan 100 R 35mm films or other black and white negative or slide films, creating positive images that may then be projected if mounted in slide mounts.

The process works by washing out the exposed areas in the film and then re-exposing the remaining unexposed silver in a second exposure (which normally consists of a light bulb) followed by a second development, then fixer. This creates positive images with a complete range of tones, depending in the film used.

Included in the kit:

  • First Developer
  • Bleacher
  • Clearing Bath
  • Second developer
  • Fixer

The Bleach is free of potassium bichromate. Full mixing and usage instructions are included, along with a developing time table for Fomapan R. Other films can be developed by slightly varying the first developing time (5 – 11 min).

The reversal developing process is complicated! There are a few things that you need to watch out for. Since potassium bichromate can no longer be used, the bleach bath is a little unstable and goes off fast. Consequently you should mix the bleach just before you use it – preferably you should mix it during the developing process, run it through a coffee filter, and then use it. Be sure to bleach for a sufficient length of time! It is also very important that the film gets sufficient light during the second exposure.

Foma Reverse Kit safety data sheet

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