Fomapan 400 120 Roll Film x10

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120 roll film, 10 rolls.

Fomapan 400 is a flexible high speed film especially suited to situations where lighting is less than favourable. High contrast and low light scenes are tackled with ease as the emulsion withstands over and under exposure well. Fomapan 400 delivers a really classic look, more reminiscent of black and white emulsions of the mid 20th century. We also think this is an ideal film for those learning black and white photography and we would recommend it as a “benchmark” film. Our benchmark films are those we recommend to choose to shoot exclusively for a period of time so as to understand how they perform and thus create a benchmark against which to judge other films when you eventually try them. We strongly recommend against constant switching between different films, especially for beginners but even for more experienced photographers. Switching means you can will find it much harder to develop an understanding of how different film emulsions respond to exposure and it follows from this that you should also stick to the same developer and methods when processing, or, if using a commercial lab to process your film select a lab that has a very consistent approach to black and white development. At Ag, our own processing service operates within very strict parameters and we deliver exceptional reliability and consistency so customers can rule out any development variables and focus on their exposure. Click here to see our black and white processing page.

Fomapan is a great general purpose film for everyday use and its ISO400 speed means it can tackle a very wide range of situations.

Made in the Czech Republic.

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