Fotospeed AD10 Antique Dye 100ml

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Antique Dye AD10 gives a sepia toned print that ancient mature look. Modern papers have white highlights. Old prints have ‘nicotine’ stained highlights. Antique dye enables you to recreate the old look of the prints of yester-year. A single solution, that is very simple to use but very effective.


While the process is most effective with sepia tones prints, it can be used with straight black and white prints. Ensure that the print has been fully washed prior to Antique Dying since the print should NOT to be wash after, but simply wiped with tissue and allowed to dry naturally.

Dilute the AD10 from 1+9 to 1429 according to personal taste and place the print into the solution. Observe the slow change and remove when the effect required has been achieved.

Do not wash or rinse. Only wipe the surface dye off the print and allow to dry naturally. Rebottle solution for reuse.

Fotospeed Toning instruction sheet

Fotospeed AD10 Antique Dye safety data sheet

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