Fuji C200 35mm 36 X5

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35mm 36 exposures X5

Fujicolor C200 is an excellent quality film of medium speed ideal for general purpose photography where the finite characteristics of the Pro films is not required. Infact, because this film (and it’s Kodak counterpart, Color Plus) is less refined, and has a look not dissimilar to what the consumer was used to in the 1980’s and 90’s, this is also part of the appeal – in a world of razor sharp digital perfection, images from a film like this are, for many, the perfect antidote! Skin tones are beautifully natural in a way only analogue delivers. This competitively priced film is also robust in storage and transportation and as such is ideal for travel photography. Expect the typically forgiving exposure latitude associated with modern colour negative film.

C200 differs to the discontinued Superia 200 in that it does not have the “4th colour layer” which was primarily designed to combat the defective colour spectrum of flourescent lighting. However, there are less and less of these type of lamps in use these days.

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