Fuji Neopan 100 ACROS II 35mm 36 SHORT DATE

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Dated December 2021

Sorry, this sold out in a matter of an hour or so!

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SORRY, this sold out in a matter of an hour or so!

LIMITED STOCK – dated December 2021. Direct from Fujifilm UK, it’s been stored in the best conditions and will perform to the highest standards.

You can still keep this film and use it years from now if stored in a cool dry place as the degradation of unprocessed B&W film is extremely slow when stored correctly.

35mm 36 exposures.

FUJI Neopan 100 ACROS II is a very fine grained ISO100 black and white film and is the latest incarnation of this famous emulsion. The original had a very strong following, and we expect this to continue. Acros is a ‘modern emulsion’ type film, similar to Kodak’s T-Max or Ilford’s Delta and employs Fujifilm’s Sigma Crystal Technology and Super Uniform Fine-Grain Technology, resulting in an increased amount of light captured by the film grains and more efficient use of this light. Additionally, the original Acros has a very low reciprocity failure (the requirement for longer than indicated exposures when making long exposures of 1 upwards) and we are assuming Acros II will continue this feature. At Ag we have a very consistent black and white processing service that delivers great results from Acros. Click here for our black and white processing page.

Click here for Fujifilm’s own web page for Acros. (please ignore that this is the Fujifilm USA site)

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