Fuji Pro 400H 120 5 Pack

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5 roll Pro Pack*

NOTE: 400H in 120 is still being delivered to us from Fujifilm in batches. When it arrives, it normally goes out almost immediately! Fujifilm have told us that this film is “not necessarily discontinued” – this would not be the first time Fujifilm had announced a discontinuance, only to back track!

Also, our price is correct – we have a very good offer on this film, it’s fresh and direct to us from Fujifilm UK. Some customers think there must be something wrong with it, with other dealers asking up to £90 for the same pack!! Stocks we are receiving also have decent best before date too – the last batch had 2 years.

Fuji Fujicolor Pro 400H offers superb colour rendition, natural skin tones, exceptional detail, but coupled with the convenience of high speed ISO400 sensitivity. The film incorporates Fujifilm’s highly advanced emulsion technology to enable the amazing flexibility, ideal for social photography and professional portraiture. Demanding professionals can totally rely on the film’s high-speed versatility and very fine grain. This film also excels in difficult lighting conditions and for other professional applications such as industrial and commercial photography.

Fujifilm has announced that 400H 120 is discontinued. However we continue to receive stock from time to time and we have a large back order lodged directly with Fujifilm. Any orders placed on back order will be dispatched on a first come first serve basis.

We have a monitored professional C41 processing service for this film – click here for more information.

* At Ag our policy is to only sell film in original manufacturer’s packaging. As Fuji don’t offer 400H 120 in single rolls, we therefore only offer in the official 5 Pack.

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