Fujichrome Provia 100F 10×8″ 20 sheets

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Fuji Fujichrome Provia 100 boasts the smoothest, sharpest, performance of any 100 ISO colour film in the world, and is a truly remarkable development of this popular range of reversal films for the professional. The result is a film that couples exceptional image quality with incredible ease of use, delivering the same versatility and dependability that photographers have come to expect from professional Fujichrome. Colours are punchy, but not excessively saturated. Skin tones are safe and this is very much a all rounder colour reversal film that would be perfect for a number of applications, but which has long been popular with travel photography. Pushes well to ISO200 if you  need an extra stop of speed, but MUST be push processed to correspond with re-rating.

We obtain this film direct from FUJIFILM UK, it is factory fresh, and longest dated available.

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