Fujichrome Velvia 100 35mm 36

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35mm 36 exposures.

Fuji Fujichrome Velvia 100 is a very fine grained colour reversal (slide / transparency) film with ultra high saturation and vivid colour. Absolutely ideal for landscape and nature photography, Velvia has become possibly the most famous, and one of the most sought after, colour films ever produced and it can be credited with stimulating an entire style of colour landscape photography and the careers of some well known photographers. Originally released as a an ISO 50 film, this 100 speed emulsion was later brought out to provide some additional sensitivity. It can successfully be taken to ISO 200 provided a push 1 stop is requested at processing.

This film requires E6 processing – please see our E6 processing section, click here.

We obtain this film direct from FUJIFILM UK, it is factory fresh, and longest dated available.

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