Fujifilm Quicksnap 27exp Disposable Camera

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27 exposure camera.

The Fujifilm Quicksnap disposable / single use camera is very high quality and loaded with the superb Fujifilm Superia XTRA 400 film.

Our stock is fresh and in date supplied direct to us by FUJIFILM UK. These cameras also feature an integrated flash and if you want to ensure the best memories are captured from your wedding or holiday.

NOTE: When selecting single use cameras, we strongly recommend you go for these, or similar branded products from Kodak or Harman, whether you buy them from us or elsewhere! This is because there is a lot of out of date film loaded into spurious single use cameras and they deliver dreadful results without offering much saving. Our advise is to stick to Fujifilm, Kodak or Ilford/Harman single use cameras.

We offer a very high quality processing service for these cameras at a very competitive price. Click here for the processing page where you can select “disposable camera” from the drop down box for “format”

Alternatively see our offers with processing included.

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