Ilford 2150XL Developer & Fixer

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ILFORD 2150XL developer and ILFORD 2150XL fixer are liquid concentrate chemicals supplied as a kit specifically for use with the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor.

They are economical, easy to use and robust to contamination. With a high print capacity, they are capable of producing superb quality prints from all high-quality, black & white resin coated photographic papers.

A single kit is sufficient for one fill of the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor and will process the equivalent of 1000 x 20.3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10”) prints (55 m2 /515 ft2 of paper).

Please refer to the technical data sheet for usage instructions.

Ilford 2150XL technical data sheet

Ilford 2150XL Developer safety data sheet

Ilford 2150XL Fixer safety data sheet

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