Ilford Delta 100 120

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120 roll film.

Ilford Delta 100 is an extremely fine grained conventional black and white film that utilises Ilford’s Core-shell™ emulsion technology. Ilford Delta films feature specially formed silver halides that allow for much finer grain without the need to shoot a slower film. The trade off is, some photographers feel, that these type of modern black and white films lack some of the character of the older style emulsions, like Pan F and FP4. This aside, Delta 100 is a very popular film and will reward where the finest quality is demanded – generally, Delta 100 will deliver similar levels of grain as Ilford PanF, but with an extra stop of speed. For processing Delta 100, we highly recommend Ilford Ilfotec DDX developer. This was formulated with the likes of Delta 100, 400 and 3200 in mind and, whilst DDX is not the cheapest developer, its popularity speaks for itself as it is a great seller.

Alternatively, at Ag Photolab, we utilise a superb all round fine grain developer (Tetenal Neotenal) that delivers full emulsion speed and excellent sharpness. Our very accurate temperature control and development parameters mean you have confidence in how your film will develop. You can order processing here when you are ready.

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