Ilford DELTA 3200 35mm 36 x10

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35mm 36 exposures, 10 rolls.

Ilford DELTA 3200 is an ultra high speed black and white film, utilising Ilford’s Core-Shell™ Delta film emulsion technology to ensure visible grain is not obtrusive, even from such a fast film. Yes, grain is significantly more noticeable than with slower emulsions, but Delta 3200 is a film that can yield superb results with fantastic look and feel – we know photographers who shoot Delta 3200 almost exclusively, whatever the lighting levels, simply because they just love the look. In this age of internet reviews and blogs, much has been written about this film. Our advice (as always) is to experiment and develop your own approach, especially with Delta 3200. One, often quoted, rule of thumb is to expose this film at 1600, rather than 3200, and then give regular development time – there is never any harm in giving an additional stop of exposure to a black and white (or colour negative) film as this will give more detail to shadow areas. However, we would encourage customers to also test at the box speed of 3200 and see where you get to. As always, accurate metering is really important – just because it’s a fast film, don’t assume you can be lazy on this front. The quality of your final images always pivots on accurate metering! Delta 3200 is a film that takes some getting used to and some people expose it at a wide variety of different speeds. At Ag photographic we can advise on this, please contact us if you would like any guidance. If you are developing yourself, we can recommend Ilford DDX developer, as this was originally formulated for the Delta range of films and can reliably deliver excellent quality results.

If you prefer to have your film processed by a lab, our own lab at Ag utilises Tetenal Neotenal developer, which works superbly with Ilford Delta films, yielding a great balance of fine grain, full speed and sharpness. As we operate within very tight processing parameters, you can be assured your film will always be give identical treatment, thereby ruling out this variable! Click here for Ag black and white processing.

A review and comparison of Ilford Delta 3200.

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