Ilford DELTA 400 35mm 30m/100ft

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35mm 30 metres / 100ft bulk roll for loading into re-usable cassettes.

Ilford DELTA 400 is a high speed, conventional, black and white film offering extremely fine grain for an ISO400 film. Ideal where fine grain is of importance, but where it would be impractical to shoot a slower film. Ilford Delta 400 displays similar levels of visible grain to a slower more traditional emulsion film, like Ilford FP4 because of the use of Ilford’s Core-Shell™ crystal technology. The trade off, some photographers believe, is the film lacks some of the character of the more traditional films like Ilford HP5 or Kodak Tri-X. This aside, Delta 400 is a popular film and ideal for many applications where fine detail is paramount. For example, wedding photography in 35mm could be a typical application for Ilford Delta 400. Or landscapes where it is impractical to use a tripod. For processing Delta 400, we recommend Ilford Ilfotec DDX developer. This was formulated with the likes of Delta 100, 400 and 3200 in mind and, whilst DDX is not the cheapest developer, its popularity speaks for itself as it is a great seller.

Alternatively, at Ag Photolab, we utilise a superb all round fine grain developer (Tetenal Neotenal) that delivers full emulsion speed and excellent sharpness. Our very accurate temperature control and development parameters mean you have confidence in how your film will develop. Ag black and white processing, click here.

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