Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1L

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Selenium Toner has been the most popular print toner with darkroom workers for decades – it was probably the toner used more than any other by Ansel Adams and he routinely selenium toned all of his prints. Ilford introduced their Harman Selenium Toner a few years ago, and it’s a direct equivalent to Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner (it may even be exactly the same product…..) The effect of Selenium toner varies with different papers, with some more responsive to tonal changes, and with different dilutions – selenium toner may be diluted in a variety of different strengths, commonly ranging from 1:3 to 1:19, depending on desired effects. In addition to tonal changes, selenium toner also acts to enhance the archival stability of silver gelatine papers, particularly fibre based prints.

Resin Coated papers (RC) may be selenium toned and will derive the same benefits as when toning fibre prints.

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