Ilford Hypam 5L

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Ilford Hypam is an alternative to Rapid Fixer, and, by and large, performes in a near identical way. As with Rapid Fixer, Hypam is a non-hardening type fixer, however, the main difference is a hardener may be added to Hypam should this be considered desirable. Hypam is very easy to mix, with a recommended dilution of 1:4 for film or 1:9 for paper. May be used in small tanks, rotary, or machine processing. Typically, a 5L bottle of concentrate will fix approximately 600 rolls of 35mm-36 film, depending on working practices (many photographers err on the side of caution and discard fixer sooner than necessary). Or, 1000 8×10″ sheets of FB paper / 2000 sheets 8×10″ RC paper.

See technical data sheet for mixing instructions and fixing times.

May also be used for fixing specialist materials including X-ray films, ILFORD scientific products and graphic arts materials.

HYPAM fixer technical data sheet

HYPAM Safety Data Sheet

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