Ilford Ilfotec DD 5L

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Ilford ILFOTEC DD is a replenishable black and white film developer specially formulated to deliver the finest results in dip & dunk processors. Ilfotec DD delivers fine grain, full emulsion speed and all the qualities of products like Ilfotec DD-X or Kodak Xtol, but designed to do this where there are large volumes of film to be processed in a professional lab environment. It may also be used in deep tanks, short leader, rotary and other processing systems, however, it has been devised primarily for dip and dunk processing.

Should be used in conjunction with Ilfotec DD Starter when mixing working strength solution.

Ilfotec DD is the developer we use at Ag in processing of customer film in our own lab.

ILFOTEC DD technical data sheet

Ilfotec DD safety data sheet

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