Ilford Ilfotol 1L

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Ilford Ilfotol is an industry standard wetting agent. Added at a dilution of 1:200 to the final film rinse, Ilfotol reduces surface tension in the water so that it rolls off the film easily and prevents drying marks (if you are in a hard water area we recommend you use distilled water for the final rinse water to which you add the wetting agent such as photo-flo). Due to the concentration, this 1L bottle goes a long way. Affords good anti-static protection.

Ilfotol can also be used as a final rinse for fibre based prints and it will assist in providing more even drying. ILFOTOL is part of the ILFORD Optimum permanence sequence for fibre based papers.

Ilford Ilfotol safety data sheet

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