Ilford Ortho 80 120 x5

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ILFORD ORTHO+ is an ISO80, medium speed, specialist technical film that is not sensitive to a certain wavelength of red light. This makes for some superb creative opportunities (think of the effect of photographing red flowers or someone with red lipstick – reds do not register on the negative, so the resulting positive print or scan image renders red as black, or very dark grey) and also means it is not sensitive to the correct wavelength of red safe lighting so it does not need to be handled in complete darkness like regular black and white film. It is also Ideal for studio and copy work along with various medical and forensic applications.

May be developed at normal contrast in ID11 or, for higher contrast, use PQ Universal. Naturally, we are also able to process Ilford Ortho and our process obtains great results. Click here for our black and white processing page.

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