Ilford PAN-F 50 35mm 36 x5

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35mm 36 exposures., 5 rolls.

ILFORD PAN-F is a slow, ISO50, traditional black and white film with extremely fine grain. Originally formulated in the 1930’s, Ilford Pan-F is perfect whenever high level of fine detail is required. Understandably it is especially popular with landscape photography because of the abundance of fine detail in this genre. Pan-F is not the easiest film to expose and, if you’re new to using film, we would probably not recommend it. This is because it can deliver variable and disappointing results without testing and experience in exposure. It is certainly NOT a film to just try the odd roll now and again, and it is also a film where the best before date should be observed more tightly than other black and white films, such as FP4 or HP5, which seem much more resilient to the passage to time. To get the best from Pan-F, we would recommend shooting it extensively, with accurate metering and get to know it well. Once you nail down your exposure and development, it rewards with superb results.

It follows from this that you should also stick with the same developer if you are processing yourself, or the same lab, with professional standards, if you are sending out. At Ag, we keep our black and white process maintained within extremely tight parameters so, if you choose us to process your Pan-F, you can rely on the development to be identical every time. This is important with any black and white film, not just Pan-F. Click here for Ag processing.

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