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ILFORD SIMPLICITY Film Fixer is part of a range of chemicals released by Ilford aimed at simplifying the development and use of photochemistry, especially for those new to analogue photography and home processing. Simplicity fixer permanently fixes the development of film (removes any unexposed silver, thereby making the film “safe” to handle in daylight) when used as part of a standard dev, stop, fix and wash film development process.

Suitable for all black & white films, the SIMPLICITY Film Fixer comes in an easy to use sachet containing the correct amount of liquid concentrate to develop 2 rolls of 35mm (135) film or 1 roll of 120 film when using a 2-reel, 600ml developing tank at a dilution of 1+5. See ‘How to Use’ below.

ILFORD SIMPLICITY Film Fixer is available as single sachets, multi packs of 5 sachets or as part of a Starter Pack containing 1 x film developer, 1 x stop bath, 1 x fixer, 1 x wetting agent.

Nb. The SIMPLICITY Film Fixer contains ILFORD RAPID FIXER and must not be used with fix hardeners. Please refer to the technical data sheet for mixing instructions and fixing times.

How to Use

Simply pour the full contents of the dev, stop and fix sachets into separate measuring containers, dilute each one to 600ml with water at the correct temperature, stir to ensure they are mixed and then you are ready to use as part of the normal dev, stop, fix and wash sequence. At the end of the wash sequence add 2 cap-fulls of the wetting agent to the tank and give five inversions before removing the films.

Watch the Ilford demo video here

ILFORD SIMPLICITY technical data sheet

ILFORD SIMPLICITY safety data sheet

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