Ilford XP2 400 35mm 36 x5

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35mm 36 exposures, 5 rolls.

Ilford XP2 is an ISO400 black and white film which must be processed in the C41 colour process. This is the process most readily available so as to make commercial processing of XP2 as easy to find as possible. Ilford XP2 is currently the only colour process black and white film available (offerings from Kodak and Fujifilm have been discontinued, but some stock still crops up from time to time). If you are processing your film with us at Ag, then we do offer all three current film processes, including traditional black and white, so, it may be you dont need to utulise a film like Ilford XP2. Or do you? There are reasons to shoot XP2, other than the availability of C41 processing. Firstly, because the image is formed a bit differently in the emulsion than a conventional black and white film, this gives a very smooth tonality and low visible grain. XP2 is also quite contrasty, and this is desirable for many photographers. The film also offers a great deal of flexibility in exposure, like colour negative films. Portraits can be very effective on XP2.

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