Jobo 1503 Cog Lid

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The 1503 Jobo Cog lid will upgrade 1500 series tanks only

This means the tanks can then be used with the JOBO CPE and CPP processors equipped with the lift attachment thereby upgrading inversion tanks to rotary tanks for attachment to the machine (inversion meaning agitation is effected by upturning the tank manually and back again, and requires more chemistry than rotary processing)

The difference between this and the 1505 Cog Lid is that it incorporates the original lid of the 1500 series tank, thereby allowing it to be used either as a manual inversion tank, or, with the CPE/CPP processors.

If the CPE or CPP is NOT equipped with the lift attachment, then the 1504 magnet attachment should be used to convert your tanks for use with the processor.

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