Jobo 1520 Uni tank & Reel

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The JOBO 1500 series is the equivalent to the Paterson or AP range of tanks

Whilst more costly than Paterson or AP, both the tank itself, and the Jobo reels, are more robust and better designed and capable of inversion or rotary development. They may also be upgraded with the magnet attachment, for use in the Jobo CPE and CPP Processors.

The 1520 Uni tank if the equivalent of the Paterson Universal or AP Compact 2 reel tanks – but with one important difference: The Jobo reels are capable of accepting 2 x 120 films onto 1 reel, which is not possible with Paterson or AP reels. Therefore it is possible to process 2 x 120 films in the Jobo 1520 Uni tank, rather than just 1. Supplied complete with 1 reel. As with Paterson and AP tanks, the primary and preferred method of agitation is by inversion, however the Jobo 1500 series tanks can be upgraded for rotary agitation, which saves on chemistry.

See the video below for more information.

About JOBO

Jobo are one of the oldest and most respected names in darkroom tools and equipment. Still a family business, their products are made in Gummersbach, Germany, to very high standards and whilst often more costly than equivalent products from other manufacturers, the excellent design and quality are the reason for this – they are in a class above and will give many years of service.

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