Kentmere 100 35mm 30.5m 100ft

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100ft/30.5m bulk roll 35mm, for loading into reusable cassettes. You can obtain up to 18 36 exposure loads from this roll, on the basis 1 x 36 exposure load is 64½” or 1.64m long.

Kentmere 100 film is a basic medium speed film with a conventional grain emulsion. It is ideal for general purpose every day photography where the finite characteristics of Ilford FP4 or the ultra fine grain of Delta 100 are not required. It is a robust and flexible film ideal for students, travel photography and other general purpose applications. Kentmere 100 has the capability to generate high quality images and offers a great alternative to other more expensive emulsions. Made in England by Harman Technology, the company behind ILFORD film.

At Ag, we offer a very consistent quality black and white processing service that will deliver excellent results from Kentmere film, click here for our black and white processing page.

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