Kodachrome Film Processing

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Basic cost is for processing to a negative ONLY.

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Basic price is for process to a black and white negative ONLY.

If you add scans or prints, and the film turns out to be blank we will refund the options cost. Therefore, your ‘risk’ is the basic price for processing the film.

Kodachrome was a unique type of colour slide /positive / reversal film that was sold by Kodak from 1935 until 2010. At Ag we can process Kodachrome film as black and white. This is the only way of reliably realising the images today, and at a reasonable price.

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For many years, Kodachrome was VERY popular. The process evolved over the years, but the final incarnation was known as K14. It was a very complex process to run and, other than one or two independent labs, it was only offered directly by Kodak. The last ever roll of Kodachrome, developed in the correct K14 process, was processed in January 2011. All the chemicals required to process Kodachrome as a colour slide are now unavailable commercially, but, even if they were, without the requisite equipment K14 processing would still be impossible on a commercial level. At Ag we can, however, process Kodachrome film as black and white. This is the only option for bringing it to life for a commercial offer to customers. We have found that, generally, the results are very good, but as with all obsolete processes, we are unable to offer any guarantee.

“Home” processing of Kodachrome in colour has been achieved, to our knowledge, by only 2 individuals since the product and processing was killed off – you can read a fascinating documentation about once such adventure, click here.

Over the years, Kodachrome was  released in almost every possible film format, both stills and motion picture. At Ag, we only handle 35mm, 126, 127, 120 and other stills formats for black and white processing of Kodachrome film – although it’s been so many years since it was offered in anything other than 35mm for stills, we have never been presented with Kodachrome in any other format from a customer! However, there is quite a bit of Super 8mm and Standard 8mm motion picture Kodachrome around and possibly a bit of 16mm – we don’t get involved with motion picture, but if the film is important to you we may have a suggestion as to where to look for processing as black and white, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Film Developer: FUJIFILM EnviroNeg
Development temperature: 38°C +/- 0.2°
Processor Type: Noritsu short leader
Drying: clean air blower integrated into processor (no transfer of films to separate dryer)(no squeegee rack or blades).

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