Kodak Color Plus 200 35mm 24

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Strangely, the price is higher for 24 exposure than 36. This is not a mistake!

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35mm 24 exposures.

Kodak Color Plus is the entry into the range of Kodak colour negative film and offers a great value product ideal for anyone starting out shooting on film. It’s not as refined as other films in the Kodak range, but this is also its charm – it performs like a typical consumer colour negative film from the 1980’s. We highly recommend this to anyone new to film and to shoot it exclusively for a period of time – shoot as many rolls as possible and really get to know how it behaves. Then, when you try other films, you have a benchmark against which to compare. We strongly recommend against flipping between different films and trying one of everything – it’s a bad idea to “try” films like trying different beers! If you do this, you wont establish that important benchmark and it’s impossible to fully get to know a film type without shooting it fairly extensively, unless you are very experienced. We know this goes against some of the marketing out there, but please trust us, it will improve your photography!

At Ag we have great processing options for this film (which requires the standard C41 process for colour negative film) click here for our C41 page.

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