Kodak Dektol 3.8L

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Kodak Dektol is one of the most iconic general purpose black and white paper developers. Always a firm favourite with the legends of the darkroom like Ansel Adams, Dektol remains available from Kodak despite all the changes and upheaval of the last 20 years.

This is a classic print developer designed for the dish processing of black and white prints. Supplied as a powder, this is dissolved in water as per the instructions on the packet:

  1. Dissolve entire contents of packet into 3L of water, which must be at 32˚-38˚C. (cold water will not dissolve the contents fully)
  2. Once dissolved, top up with a further 800ml of water to make the 3.8L of stock solution.
  3. Store this solution in airtight bottles. Ideally completely full airtight containers as this will ensure maximum shelf life of the stock solution of up to 6 months. So, a number of smaller bottles is preferable to a single larger container.
  4. To use, dilute this stock solution 1 part stock to 2 parts water. (ie. to make 1L, mix 333ml of stock with 666ml of water = 1000ml/1L

Best used at 20˚C.

Expect full development of RC papers in 60-90 seconds. FB, 90-120 seconds

Kodak Dektol safety data sheet

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