Kodak Ektachrome E100 120

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120 roll film

Ektachrome E100 is an ISO100 colour reversal (slide) film. Kodak have taken a huge leap, and re-released this fantastic colour reversal (slide) film. Expect classic high contrast, fine detail and deep colours traditionally associated with Ektachrome. This film was traditionally used for landscape, nature, and commercial photography such as editorial, product shots etc. It was also popular for portraiture, especially fashion and where images were intended for print (books, magazines etc). When mounted, it can, of course, still be projected in a slide projector for superb quality presentation. It also scans superbly and cross-processes in C41 nicely, with less colour-shift than the Fuji slide films. Will push well to ISO200, but MUST be given the requisite 1 stop push in processing.

We have the appropriate E6 processing available for this film, click here: Ag Photolab E6

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