Kodak GOLD 200 35mm 24 x3

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35mm 24 exposures, pack of 3.

Kodak Gold 200 is a very long standing part of the Kodak film range, we think it’s probably been around for about 35 years now. Undoubtedly¬† the formulation will have been tweaked numerous times over the years, but it is a really popular, general purpose, medium speed film that delivers great exposure flexibility typical of a colour negative emulsion. Kodak Gold is ideal for any application where the finite qualities of films like Portra are not required and, as a consequence of it’s less sophisticated emulsion formula, grain is more noticeable – but this is also a bonus for many photographers. Gold offers more refinement than its sister film Color Plus, however.

At Ag we offer a high quality C41 processing service suitable for this film when you need it, click here for our C41 page.

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