Kodak Photo-Flo 470ml

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This product is currently unavailable from Kodak. Use an alternative such as Tetenal Mirasol.

Kodak Photo-flo is the industry standard wetting agent, and it’s been around for decades. Added at a dilution of 1:200 to the final film rinse, photo-flo reduces surface tension in the water so that it rolls off the film easily and prevents drying marks (if you are in a hard water area we recommend you use distilled water for the final rinse water to which you add the wetting agent such as photo-flo). Due to the concentration, this 470ml / 16 US fl.oz bottle goes a long way.

Photo-flo is also used in other non-photographic applications, and we have had customers buy it for:

  • Scene of crime work
  • Cleaning gravestones
  • Cleaning vinyl records

Kodak Photo-Flo safety data sheet

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