Kodak T-Max 100 35mm 36 x5

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35mm 36 exposures, 5 rolls.

Kodak T-Max 100 is the worlds finest grain 100 speed black and white film, with extremely high sharpness and incredible resolving power. This is a film where optimal enlargement possibilities are a reality, even from a small negative. Some highly respected black and white specialists have depended on and use Kodak T-Max 100 almost exclusively. Expect levels of grain more normally associated with slower emulsions – T-Max 100 thus offers a much more practical 100ASA speed and makes possible high quality hand held photography and fineness of detail, ideal for genres such as landscape on 35mm where it is impractical to use a larger format. However, it is very popular in medium and large formats for the ultimate in grain free enlargements. Kodak’s T-Max developer was especially formulated for the processing of T-Max films, however it is not necessary at all to use it for development: many other developers will deliver superb results. At Ag, if you prefer hassle free development from a lab, our developer (Tetenal Neotenal) delivers excellent fine grain, full speed processing of T-Max 100, and, as we operate within very tight tolerances, you can be assured of predictable development time after time. Click here for our black and white processing page.

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