Kodak T-Max 400 35mm 36 x5

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35mm 36 exposures, 5 rolls.

Kodak T-Max 400 offers exceptionally fine grain for a high speed ISO400 film and Kodak claim it is the sharpest and finest grained 400 speed black and white film available today (although, it’s opposite number from Ilford, Delta 400, performs similarly). This is an ideal film where lighting may be lower, but where the grain of a more traditional film, like Tri-X, might be too intrusive. T-Max 400 may also be pushed reliably up to 2 stops, to ISO1600 and with the requisite adjustment in processing. Kodak formulated their T-Max developer and fixer to offer the ideal processing partners to their T-Max range of films, however, excellent results will also be obtained with other developers, such as D76/ID11, XTOL, Ilford DDX etc. At Ag, our black and white processing service obtains great all round performance¬† – click here for our black and white processing page.

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