Kodak T-Max P3200 35mm 36

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35mm, 36 exposures.

T-Max 3200 – back from the dead! Re-launched by Kodak, Spring 2018. KODAK T-MAX P3200 Film, or P3200TMZ as it is also known, is a black-and-white film that offers the ability to expose at variable speeds from ISO 400 – 6400 with the requisite changes in development. It is classified as an ultra-high speed film and offers fine grain vis-a-vis it’s sensitivity. It is very useful for very fast action and for subjects that require generous depth of field simultaneously with a fast shutter speed. It is also an excellent choice for available-light documentary photography. The grain structure of T-Max 3200 is popular for fine art applications and with many enthusiasts and professionals who simply love the texture and gritty look it imparts. At Ag, our processing delivers excellent all round negatives from T-Max 3200 that offer a balance of grain, speed, sharpness. If you are using our processing service for this film, you can be confident in exposing at 3200 for normal development, but, as we always say, there is absolutely no substitute for accurate metering with any film and this is just as true with an ultra high speed film. Click here for our black and white processing page.

Kodak do not offer P3200 in 120 format. If you require an ultra high speed film in 120, you need to look to Ilford Delta 3200.

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