Lomography Orca 110

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Lomography Orca is an ISO100 black and white film in 110 format, so a great option if you want to shoot B&W in your 110 camera. Even when 110 was a popular format in the 1980’s we don’t think there was ever a black and white film available!

What Lomography say about the film very confusing, technically, and should be ignored. Apart from the requirement of regular “classic” black and white processing: “The crispy Lomography Orca 110 b/w Film might be small in size, but it yields great depth of field and excellent results even at short focal length. This 110 film makes for extra portable, pocket-friendly fun. A high quality b/w film, the Lomography Orca requires classic b/w processing.”

At Ag we have a very high quality dip and dunk black and white processing service. It’s competitively priced and with a very fast turnaround: click here for our black and white processing page where you can order when ready.

Note: sample images have been deliberately scanned with film rebate.

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