Noritsu Standard Scans of Individual Frames

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For already processed film. If you require your film processing and scanning at the same time, please go to Film Processing section.

Scanning of individual 35mm or 120 format negatives or un-mounted transparencies through the Noritsu HS-1800 scanner. Film that has already been processed at an earlier date. Each image is professionally balanced by eye for colour, density and contrast, unless you select otherwise. Saved into JPEG format. 18mb file size, but will vary from image to image (note: JPEG files appear smaller than actual size when closed on disk)

Note: Images are cleaned up for dust with ICE software. However, this can not be used with black and white film, and whilst we make every effort to remove dust before scanning we can not guarantee black and white scans will be totally dust free, especially as film may have been processed years earlier, handled or poorly stored. Old, dirty colour film may also not fully clean up with Digital ICE.

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