Paterson 35mm Film Tank & Reel

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From one of the best known names in darkroom tools and equipment, the Paterson 35mm tank and reel is the smallest in their range, and is ideal for the occasional user or beginner. It will take 1 reel for processing of 35mm. The reel supplied is capable of expanding to take 120 film, but it can not be used for 120 in this tank as it’s not large enough, but it is, of course, compatible with larger tanks in the range and also the AP range of tanks. Will also take the AP reels.

Note: photo shows Universal tank, which is slightly larger.

Useful hint: Ensure reels are ABSOLUTELY dry before trying to load them. Any level of moisture can cause problems loading the film. Be careful when using a changing bag as even very low levels of sweat from your hands in a confined space can cause this issue – and then you get more frustrated, and sweat more, compounding the problem!

Made in the Black Country, just a few miles from us at here at Ag in Birmingham.


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