Paterson Force Film Washer Hose

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The Paterson Force Film Washer hose fits most domestic taps and is designed to plug into the the Paterson developing tanks. Connect it and let the water do the rest.

Important: much more efficient washing of film (or paper) is achieved with the water temperature between 18 and 24 degrees C. If you are trying to wash film with water at typical cold temperature of, say, 5-10 degrees, not only will it take a lot longer to wash the residual fixer from the film, but you run the risk of leaving the film contaminated and therefore seriously jeopardising the archival stability of the film. We recommend:

  • use a mixer tap to provide a suitable wash temperature;
  • or an electric shower unit can be used set to low temperature – remove the shower head from the shower hose and connect the Paterson hose;
  • with some expereimentation you can achieve a really efficient wash

Made in the Black Country, just a few miles from us at here at Ag in Birmingham.

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