Kodak Portra 400 220 5 Pack

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220 film is no longer offered by any manufacturer.
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220 film is no longer available from any manufacturer. Portra 400 was the last film to be offered in 220. Please use 120 format as alternative.

KODAK Portra 400 is the most recent incarnation of this famous line of colour negative films – it is the culmination of 130 years of Kodak emulsion making technology and it is designed to deliver the most natural contrast and colour rendition, at a high speed and with maximum flexibility. Portra films offer the finest possible grain and even greater possibilities for your final output. As the name suggests, it is perfect for portraits and, infact, it’s probably the ultimate medium to render the most delightful and natural skin tones – something that digital sensors have long struggled with. However, Portra is also very much at home in all genres of photography, where a natural look is desired, and this includes anything from landscapes to war zones.

The film displays the incredible exposure latitude associated with the very latest colour negative technology giving the photographer confidence in a variety of difficult shooting situations. As always, despite this flexibility, we always strongly advise customers to strive for the most accurate exposure possible in order to achieve the best possible negative quality, which means exposing at box speed of ISO400, unless lighting conditions are unfavourable and there is no other option but to push the film to a higher speed. We advise against changing the speed simply for creative reasons because the look you want can more easily be achieved by first obtaining the best possible quality negative, with maximum detail (particularly shadow detail, which is compromised when pushing the film), and then refining the look in post editing.

At Ag the high volumes through our C41 processing line ensure the best possible development for Kodak Portra film. Click here to see our C41 processing page.

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Portra, in 35mm and 120 formats, is only supplied by Kodak in packs of 5 rolls. At Ag our policy is only to supply film, paper and chemical products in manufacturers’ original packaging, thus we’re unable to sell single rolls of Portra.

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